Travel to Jamaica for the Caribbean Experience

Jamaican Holiday Packages to make the most of the Caribbean

As history shows Jamaica was liberated in 1962 and many Rastafarian made the journey home to Africa but many more stayed in Jamaica. Most stayed calling Jamaica home rather than returning to Africa and once you have visited Jamaica and sampled the islands hospitality you will understand why. Jamaica is the third largest island in Caribbean, enjoying an affluent and comfortable lifestyle and beckons tourists from around the world to experience its soft beaches, colorful culture, unique and colorful entertainment, and to simply "soak up" the experience that is Jamaica.

Jamaica Palace Hotel Resort

An excellent choice of resort for holiday makers in Jamaica is the Jamaica Palace Hotel with its excellent views of the surrounding mountain landscape. Only three to four miles from the main Port Antonio the Jamaica Palace is the perfect resort for that romatic Caribbean getaway. Spread over around two hectares of tropical forest nestled in the hills below the mountains the Jamaica Palace Hotel resort offers amazing views as well as excellent service at a good price tariff.

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