Rastafarian Religion and Way of Life

The Rastafarian Culture and Spiritual Belief in Jah

Rastafarians believe in respect for all living creatures and hold self respect in high regard. Spiritual freedom is also an important aspect of the Rastafari movement and belief in the culture of their African past. Part of the Rasta’s belief is the total rejection of Babylon or the modern society and way of living. The exact Rastafari religion seems open to individual interpretation but all strive to worship Jah Rasafari with their way of life. Rasta’s only eat foods that are pure and without artificial additives. Rastafarians mostly abstain from coffee, added salt, tobacco, strong alcohol, pork and shellfish. They will smoke the herb though as this helps with their spiritual enlightenment, opens the mind and is supposed to bring them closer to Jah. Rasta's also believe in eternal life and immortality as did the famous Bob Marley. Considered as a legend of Rastafari movement, with his dreadlocks Bob Marley helped spread the Rasta word by touring with his Jamaican music and strong belief in the Rasta religion.

Dreadlocks have always been a trait of the Rastafari

Rastafarians are forbidden from cutting or in any way interfering with the normal growth of their hair. The length of a rastamans dreadlocks can show how long he has been in the Rasta movement and is also thought to be a measure of great wisdom. As well as religious reasons the Rastafari are believed to wear their hair in the infamous dreaded locks as a sharp contrast to how the white mans straighter hairstyles appear.

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